Hey! Say! 7-Just For U Lyrics, English Translation

It seems like lyrics are out already for the song Yuto wrote x)
I'm not 100% sure if these are the full lyrics or what, but regardless, i translated it for now.
Needless to say, these lyrics got me teary eyed. I hope Yuto isn't writing this from experience lol

*According to Shounen Club, Yuto didn't write the lyrics :/
Its weird cause some fans said that he said it himself in a concert. I was getting all excited

*Lyrics UPDATED♫

Hey! Say! 7 – Just for U Lyrics
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GREEN Daichan

Chao Magazine, May 2013 Yamada talks about turning 20 years old♥ Translation

Translating, reading, watching, hearing anything related to HS7 turning 20 stirs up many emotions within me, every single time xD
Mainly because it makes me realize that I'm also turning 20 this year, and I end up looking back on this long ride inside the HSJ fandom that I started when I was just 14 years old. I get all emotional lol Mixture of happiness, nostalgic sadness etc just brew up x.x

I hope you guys enjoy this translation~^^

Yamada Talks About His 20th Birthday~ CHAO Magazine

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