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25 May 2013 @ 03:24 am
I don't know why I'm having problems with my journal at the moment x.x
SO~, I made a community where I can post my translations^^
I'm still using this journal of course, for future fanfics etc :3
If you would like to, please join so you can get updates^^♪
Have a fantastic day or night :DD

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23 May 2013 @ 01:00 am
I was going through facebook today and noticed that several fans are posting about Yamada's, Yuto's etc "Twitter accounts".

My fellow fangirls, must I really repeat the fact that anyone in Johnny's is not allowed to have an account of the sort?

Any of these twitter and facebook accounts are all fan made. The photos they're using as "private photos" of the artists are all from previously released magazines. So please do not fall for these things.

I truly hate to see these things get spread around because we have so many new fans in this fandom that don't fully know how JE works x.x and by doing this, we're giving them the wrong information.

Pleaseeee be careful with such rumors :/ Only believe what you hear from official JE sources.

Pardon my exaggerated txt, but this stuff just frustrates me lol
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19 May 2013 @ 09:12 pm
Going to take a break from translating this week, since Its my last week before summer break so i'm going to be busy with final exams T^T

Horrible....yes :/
I have a few translations mid way done already, so as soon as Friday, May 24th (U.S) comes rolling by, ill get back to them :3

I hope you guys are all doing good with school. life in general, etc!

Also, it seems lj is deleting some of my replies to you or even your comments x.x
I apologize for that. I'm not deleting them myself at all :/ im not sure why its happening, but i think it might have something to do with all of the spam im getting lately. So i had to disable anonymous commenting for now :/
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Finally someone has posted the kanji and romaji lyrics
for BEST's song, "Scramble"
This song was a bit tricky to translate than the others so
if anyone notices any mistakes, please feel free to point them out and correct me xD

Thanks to eruchaa for providing both Kanjij and Romaji :3
Completed Romaji thanks to scanned booklet from cherrycheeked-love @blogspot :3

*Lyrics UPDATED♫ *Edited Sept.11th, 2013


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11 May 2013 @ 07:36 pm
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11 May 2013 @ 02:03 am
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Hi *A*♥
I bring you guys the English and Romaji for one of HSJ's new songs :3
Hope you guys like the lyrics^^

Other Recent Lyric Translations: Come On A My House♥, Just For U,♥ BOUNCE♥


New Hope ~Like this, We are One~

Lyrics♥Lyrics♪Lyrics♫Collapse )
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I apologize for the delay on this issue :/
Here's Hikaru's part!

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Oh ho ho ho ;D I am back~
HSJ talks about a pair of opposites~
it's a pretty interesting read because we see more of their recent interactions with one another.
And I learned that Yama-chan really gets teased a lot with piggy references <_<

Enjoy your stay~

Duet, June 2013

Yamada Ryosuke:

Caramel Soft Cream Parfet♥Collapse )
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Ohhh ho ho ho all the fans are unable to calm down today after watching HSJ's "BOUNCE" performance ;D
So I quickly jotted down the romaji and moved on to translating it right away x3
So here it is!^^

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