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Duet, June 2013 Yamada Ryosuke Translation

Oh ho ho ho ;D I am back~
HSJ talks about a pair of opposites~
it's a pretty interesting read because we see more of their recent interactions with one another.
And I learned that Yama-chan really gets teased a lot with piggy references <_<

Enjoy your stay~

Duet, June 2013

Yamada Ryosuke:

Q: Recent “Sweet” happening

The other day while I was in the car waiting for the stop light to change, a group of  about 10 elementary school students waved hi at me with their smiling faces as they crossed at the pedestrian crossing. At that moment, I thought “How super cute♥”

If I managed to get my license someday I probably wouldn't completely follow the traffic rules. (T/N: not 100% sure about this last sentence)

Q: A moment that you thought you were sweet
The time I had decided to go on a diet, I ended up eating katsudon. It’s something that happened just now though (laughs) Even though I’ve been doing it stoically (T/N:seriously/without being bothered) I ended up thinking “I’ll start again tomorrow”. I mean, meals are so delicious…
While I’m eating sweets I feel like I can understand the feelings when girls say “I must not sleep~”! (T/N: Weird, but that's what he said lol)

Q: Who’s the member that ends up getting spoiled?
Probably Chinen. The other day, we were at Shizuoka for our concert tour. Since it’s Chinen’s hometown, I let him take over my role of giving the final greetings. Then, he got wonderfully flustered (laughs) That was cute. All of the members caringly watched over him.

Q: Within JUMP, who’s the sweetest member?
Because I think that his parents spoiled him while preciously raising him, It’s probably Yuto. I mean, can’t you imagine him saying something noble like “For my younger brother’s birthday, I took him on a Cruise dinner”?! (laughs)

Q: Your favorite sweet?
In the café that I often go to, there’s one called Caramel Soft Cream Parfet. Even if it’s every day, I can eat it!

Q: Recent happenings that irritated you
I made eye contact with the members and as they smiled, they touched my hand. But when I looked carefully they drew the shape of a pig’s foot…
Later, Yuto rolled up a rubber band on his finger to a point where it looked like boneless ham and said “Yama-chan” as he showed it to me. At that moment, I felt like I was about to knock him down (laughs)

Q: Moments you’ve gotten irritated with yourself?
None, none. I mean, I have a cool character look after all (straight forward)
The other day during Shounen Club’s filming, I ended up being together with Jesse. He gave me a cool look and told Yuya “I’ll also become a cool character!”. He seriously announced that. And so right away at that place, it was decided to behave in a cool way!

Q: What member are you strict towards?
Keito.  His reactions that he has when he’s scared are funny (laughs)

Q: Within JUMP, who’s the strictest member?
Hikaru kun and Yabu chan are probably the harsh ones. I can’t pick between the two. Recently, the two of them have their opinions clash against one another. When I listen, there’s no way I can tell who’s mistaken, and for JUMP’s sake, after the opinions clash we tend to leave things the way they are.
Well~ it’s more like, neither one of them wants to give in (laughs)

Q: Your favorite spicy food?
Cabbage Kimchi. At the beginning of my dieting, I made up for meals with this. Now I simply eat it as my favorite food. I’ve placed kimchi over tofu among my favorite foods.

Q: What ingredients do you think Curry should have?
Potatoes. Because they’re round. Nothing detailed, I’m just stating as I see it! Personally, If potatoes are added, I preffer if they’re cut into small pieces.


If you're going to repost this outside of LJ, please provide a link to this original post! and credit as well xD No translator likes to have their work claimed by others.
Owari :3
Hope you all enjoyed~

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