January 3rd, 2012

GREEN Daichan

Goodbye Ryutaro.

NikkanSports released a statement about Ryutaro's fate. It is now official. Our youngest member has chosen to leave the entertainment business and focus on his studies. 

Although it pains me to think about the fact that I most likely won't ever get to see him with JUMP again, I also like to think of this as a happy matter. He is probably happier right now. He never got hit by the spotlight in the group. 

All I want for him is to stay away from smoking or any other sort of self harm and trouble. I want him to lead a great normal life, and i hope that all goes well for him.
Make a man out of yourself boy! I've always wanted to see your 18 year old self. I was always curious as to what you'd turn out to look like as a matured young man. I may not find out anymore, but that's alright. Because all I wish for him is his happiness and confidence.

Thank you Ryutaro for your hardwork this past numerous years in Johnny's and in Hey!Say!JUMP.
Now live your life to the fullest and don't make me regret giving you all of my support.

I had a feeling that you'd choose to stay out of Johnny's :/ so as soon as the scandal came out in late June, I bought the "OVER" single. If it was going to be the last single you worked on, then I had to have it.

Best of luck!