January 2nd, 2012

GREEN Daichan

Hey!Say!JUMP "Super Delicate" New Year Concert Fan Audio!

This audio is not mine :3 Credits to kouchi @ tumblr !!! and thanks to rorychan for directing me to it!!!

First reaction to this song:

I think i've heard it somewhere else o.o
Idk, i think i was too excited for it. Not to say that it's a bad song cause it really isn't.
I think i just have to hear and watch a better quality in order to fully appreciate the song xD
After all, it's definitely different than "Magic Power". I love that JUMP is slowly but surely moving on to mature songs.

Anyways, here's the link :3


If you wanna download it instead of just listen to it, you can go here: (Thanks to jin_rabu)


What are your thoughts on it? :D