September 17th, 2011

GREEN Daichan

Well I feel like a bitch :(

 First of all, I apologize to anyone who reads this for my idiocracy earlier as I unknowlingly posted a link to Hey!Say!JUMP's marching J video.
I was completely unaware that the video was accessible at a low cost and that its earnings would go to the victims of the earthqual earlier this year. If I had known, believe me, I would have NEVER posted that link up.
I'm a true Hey!Say!JUMP fan and most of all, I love and support Japan so I am willing to do anything to help them out during this crisis.

I am feeling deeply apologetic and I'm being extremely serious as I post this up. If you dont want to believe my apology then that's up to you.
There's no way in hell that i'd ever do anything stupid like that knowingly.

Whoever reads this,

Thank you.