July 29th, 2011

GREEN Daichan

What I've been up to ^^ (random post lol)

Uwaaah!! So it's been pretty slow this week :/ Don't have much to do xD although last week WAS amazing!! 
I attended all 5 days of Comic-con International, saw lots of amazing costumes, got to wear lolita AND best of all, I got interviewed by Nico Nico Douga :)!! I was ecstatic xD I talked about Hey!Say!JUMP and Ikemen desu ne in as much Japanese as I could xD I felt so happy afterwards! I loved it^^

I Also got to watch Gantz 2: Perfect Answer with nanatorigawa (whom I hanged out with at comic con also) and all I can say is that Matsuyama Kenichi, Ninomiya and Kanata Hongo were FREAKIN SEXY!<3 
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