July 3rd, 2011

GREEN Daichan

Like Ryu-chan says "What's desu yo??"

 I was watching the first July episode of Shounen club and suddenly I got thirsty. So I paused the video and then i noticed that I had paused it on the view of the audience. What I noticed made me laugh but it also shocked me a bit cause I certainly wouldnt be doing that in the middle of a shounen club performance o.o:

There was a woman ACTUALLY reading a BOOK xD I don't know why you'd read a book in the middle of shounen club. I'm not judging her lol the woman can do what she wants xD i just think its rude to do that. If you're going to read during the recording, then why waste your time going? oh wells~ Well that's that for my short post xP
GREEN Daichan

English + Spanish Translation + Romaji: SCREW by Hey!Say!BEST

Konbannu!! :D
So I was DYING to know exactly what Koppi (Yabu) wrote about in this song and gosh its so sweet >w<!!!!
I cried D: It's a sad song, but I still love the lyrics♥ As to why it's called SCREW, I still don't know xP Edit: After thinking about it, maybe it has to be because of the "screwed" up relationship xD

 Credits to my boyfriend who was so kind as to translate this for me :) Credits to yumyum_yume for scan. Spanish and Romaji done by me.

Thank you! :D

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