December 31st, 2009

GREEN Daichan

Happy New Years Message to all of you!!! (and a bit about NYC possible debut rumor)

I'm feeling terribly emotional right now...

ONE: because the year is ending today~ (I live in California, there fore its still Dec. 31st here xD)

TWO: im kinda upset about the NYC rumor. I support Yama-chan and Chinen, but I feel that if NYC debuts then HSJ may get less spotlight. or something like that lol hopefully, my opinion about this changes soon, just like I'm fine with NEWS and Kanjani8 sharing Ryo~
But still, it kinda hurts to hear this about NYC O___O

does anyone feel the same?
if not tell me how you feel about it ^^

Ive been in livejournal for awhile now lol but I only recently started to write my own fics ^^
I'm so happy to have people who support my writing! I honestly appreciate your comments and advice~
Also, Ive met some really great people here^^
And I am truly greatful to have you as friends~
Especially  [info]whatsername500 , [info]iarmella , and [info]shy_mizuno ^^Collapse )