November 29th, 2009

GREEN Daichan

Movie Time! [2/2]

Title: Movie Time! [2/2]
Author: kodochalover
Rating: NC-17 [Smut!]
Word count: 1,070

Disclaimer: Yama-chan is nodding in approval right now :] haha jk jk I don’t own them…YET. But watch I will soon after a nice talk with Johnny-san~ AND I only own the plot^-^
Summary: Yama-chan isn’t liking the lack of time spent together with his boyfriend. So how do you make it up? How about a trip to the movie theater were the action really starts~

A/N: Please tell me what you honestly think! It helps me become a better writer!!
HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY CHINEN!!!!!!!!!!! You're 16 just like me now ne~~ I hope all of your wishes come true<3

Part 1: <-----------In case you havent read this

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