September 3rd, 2009

GREEN Daichan

Gonna Speed it down and Slow it Up in the Front Seat [OneShot]

Title: Gonna Speed it Down and Slow it Up in The Front Seat

Pairing: TakaYama
Rating: NC-17 [Smut!]
Word count: 1,351
Disclaimer: I only own the plot xD!! But someday, someday I will own the boys lol
Summary: Takaki decides to heat things up in the front seat of his car xD! (sorry for the lame summary, but the title pretty much gives you the idea lol)


 Notes: This is my very first fanfic!!! So please be honest and tell me about what I need to improve on and stuff :]!! Compliments are always welcomed hehe<3

I just had to include smut into my first fic lol it is my favorite genre haha and to top it off I included TakaYama as the stars ^-^ since they are one of my favorite OTP’s. I borrowed the title from Gwen Stefani’s song “Bubble Pop Electric”.


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