April 28th, 2009

GREEN Daichan

ugghhhh *^*

This has been a horrible week :(
I had to go to school on saturday at 4 am because i had a jrotc competition that was like 3 hours away T.T
and i had a sore throat.
by the time everything ended i was feeling super sick T.T!!!

so now im stuck home, without school for 3 days because of me being sick -_-...
and i had testing all week too!!!
now imma have to make up all these tests and stuff O.o
and i think i got my mom sick too. (NOOOOOOO!!!)

arrghhh i hope nxt week is much better.
hopefully if i listen to  koi no ABO by News, i'll feel better ^^
or if i listen to jounetsu jump by Hey!Say!JUMP i will feel even more better :D!!!!
yay!! lol
well i shall end my hopeless babbling O.o
bye bye ^^
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